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Basement Extensions

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We have carried out many basement designs over the years, mainly in London where land cost is at a premium.

Basements are very complex structures to design when being added to existing buildings. Design will be extensive, including temporary works designs to support existing structures and protecting adjoining properties. Basements will require monitoring whilst being constructed to ensure that works are being carried out without any potential movement to adjoining structures.

Planning and building regulations will be required for basements and the process is one that we are very well versed with. The requirements of light wells will require careful consideration to ensure the proposal meets the characteristics of the original property.
Basements add value to the property but the cost of constructing basements is high. A comprehensive cost exercise should be carried out prior to commencing any basement as it is not always an alteration that will add value to the property. We can assist with justifying the construction cost versus the increase in value of the property.

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