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Loft Conversions

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We have carried out thousands of loft conversion designs since 1992. These can range from small terraced cottages to large country homes.

The process would be to identify if planning permission is required or if the loft conversion can be built under permitted development guidelines. A site visit by one of our experienced professionals can determine the best option for your property. If planning is required then we can prepare the drawings and submit them on your behalf. If planning permission is not required we can make an application for a certificate of lawfulness. In either scenario you will require building regulation drawings and structural calculations. This we can carry out for you in a timely and efficient manner.

Loft conversions add value to your home and if designed sensitively, enhance the appearance of your home. Materials should be in keeping with the original house and new windows in proportion to the other windows in the building. In general the money spent on creating an additional bedroom in the loft will increase the value by more than 50% you spend on the loft conversion. So if your house is worth £400,000 and you spend £30,000 on a loft conversion your house will be worth at least £445,000. So money spent on a loft conversions is money well spent. The general cost of a loft conversion is around £900 per square metre.

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