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Structural Calculations

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Structural calculations inevitably make the scheme stand up. We have carried out thousands of designs for clients, contractors and professionals over the years. These professionals range from architects to mechanical engineers.

The structural calculations need to consider very carefully the project in its entirety. There is no point in designing a large beam if the delivery lorry cannot get down the country lane. Alternative solutions must be considered at this early stage. How is the contractor going to lift a 10m long 3 ton beam at the back of a semi-detached house safely? These questions require expert knowledge that we have at our finger tips.

We use the latest software including pro steel, fast track, s-frame and super beam. All design is carried out to the latest European standards.

Once works commence on site, we support our contractors to ensure the build is as quick and efficient as possible. This sometimes means a change in a beams size because the contractor is having difficulty obtaining a certain beam or perhaps a modifications of the steel columns. The idea is to help and support the contractor and to ensure a safe and sound construction process with a perfect building at the end.

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