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New Builds

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Over the years we have completed thousands of new builds from bungalows through to multi storey buildings. Planning and building regulations all under one roof!

Planning and building regulations will be required for new builds and this often involves demolishing existing structures. We advise a process of pre planning advice with the local authority prior to submitting any formal application. This saves time and money and gives both you, the client, and us, the designers, valuable advice that we can incorporate into the drawings.

All new buildings must be exceptionally heat efficient and generally environmentally friendly. Our design will incorporate the latest in building technology. We have designed buildings using insulated concrete framework, timber frame and traditional cavity construction not to mention reinforced concrete structures. Budget is the key therefore it is advisable to look at what the best options are available to you.

Rainwater and grey water harvesting is another requirement that is being implemented within planning conditions. We are very happy to assist in putting together a cost effective design solution that will make more effective use of rainwater. One aspect could be storing rainwater and using it to supply water to the w/c. This saves you money as well as being environmentally friendly!

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